The RobsWatching.com Binge List

Why aren't you watching!!!????

The RobsWatching.com Binge List

So here it goes! The infamous binge list!  This is a living (and sure to be exhaustive) list of some of my favorite shows that you should be watching.  It’ll eventually consist of synopsis, my opinions, where to find them, episode counts, ect. So check back often! They’re in no particular order, but start with Fargo, lol.
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^= Ongoing and still going


One of the best movie-to-television translations EVER. Wholly original, but keeps the movies quirky tone fully intact. Anthology series

From the creator of LOST, which isn’t a bad thing. The story is a lot tighter and crazier. Final season coming April

Based on another comic from the creator of The Walking Dead. This one deals with possessions and exorcism’s. A Cinemax show, so it might be hard to track down but worth the watch. Watching the S1 finale as I write this, and it’s wild.

Attack on Titan*^  YOU. MUST. WATCH. THIS. SHOW!!
It’s an anime, but I’d argue that it might be the best written show on this list.

Wild ass show about a criminal taking the identity of a sheriff, and all hell breaking loose in the town. Violence, splosions, murder, and crazy. Remember when True Blood got really bad? It’s because the creator left that show and created this one. Cinemax

12 Monkeys: The Series*^
Another for movie-to-tv translation done well. Takes the mythology of the movie, expands it, then goes HAM SAMMICH.

If you enjoy Judd Apatows humour you’ll definitely enjoy. Netflix hasn’t picked it up for a second season, but they haven’t officially cancelled it either.

I know folks are tired of the abundance of slave narratives popping up, but this is the one to watch. The sister who created it was a staff writer on Sons of Anarchy, and brought all of its grit with her.

Todd Margaret (Season 1 and 2)
A very funny show if you can stomach the humor of David Cross. The first two season tell a complete story. The third was unnecessary, but had its moments.

Teen Wolf*^
Currently on-air and in its final season. I love the hell out of this show. Like Vampire Diaries it really distinguished itself out of the influx of supernatural shows in the wake of the Twilight flicks. Great character moments and overall season arcs

The Vampire Diaries^
Another product of the Twilight/supernatural craze. The first season screams Twilight, I won’t lie. Down to the color grading. But it comes in to its own halfway through. If you can get past the teenage melodrama, it’s a dope show. The writing is underrated as hell. Currently in its final season, there might’ve been 2 weak half-season arcs in its entire run.

Bates Motel^
Currently on-air and approaching its final season. It’s a contemporary take on the origin of the iconic character Norman Bates from Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” The two leads play THE SHIT out of Norman and Norma Bates. It’s one of those really good/messed up shows.

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (Season 1)
Another decent movie translation. The first season covers the span of the original film and was executed pretty damn well. The two follow-up seasons were okay, but not great. Hasn’t been officially cancelled, but word is actors options were scrapped. The third season finale works as a decent series finale.

It was never a ratings powerhouse, but it was a visually innovative show. Mads Mikkelsen really made Hannibal Lecter his own with his interpretation.  Gone too soonin my opinion, but it might come back.

Black Mirror
A technology based Twilight Zone that I refuse to watch if the sun isn’t up. Freaks me the f out, but very well put together.

Into The Badlands^
One of the best kungfu shows since Kungfu. RIP David Carradine, you went out in style. Interesting story to boot.

This is an animated James Bond meets Arrested Development, with a large amount of the AD cast lending their voice talents. The writing is smart and witty. Like Arrested Development, a throwaway line in one episode might very well develop in to large plot point or joke down the line. I say it all the time, Sterling Archer and Kenny Powers (Eastbound and Down) might be the two most nuanced characters introduced in the last decade.

-Sneaky Pete
-West World^
-Marvel Netflix Shows (Notably Daredevil S2 and Luke Cage)
– Stranger Things^
-The Path^
-Game Of Thrones^
-The Walking Dead^
-The Night of
-Mr Robot
-The Killing
-The Last Man on Earth^


Damages (Season 1)*
I’ve gone on record as saying the first season of this show might’ve been the best single-season of a show ever. I wasn’t very happy with the follow-up seasons, and checked out midway through the 3rd

Journey Man
One of those shows that pop up on “Gone Too Soon” lists all the time. It came out before the binge watching phenomenon and wasn’t given the time to find an audience. It was also a victim of the writers strike. The half-season that happened had a full story arc at least. Every time I see Kevin McKidd on Greys Anatomy I get pissed at what this show could’ve been.

-Breaking Bad*
-The Wire*
-Eastbound and Down
-Sons of Anarchy
-The Following (gone too soon)
-LOST (I bitch about it, but its made for bingeing)
-American Horror Story^ (Season 1)
-Arrested Development
-The League
-Boss (gone too soon)
-Boardwalk Empire
-Tru Calling
-Parks and Recreation
-The Newsroom


Master of None
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Knick (just started last night, enjoying so far)


Twin Peaks
Mad Men
Star Wars: Clone Wars
Star Wars: Rebels
Young Justice
The Fall
Dowton Abby
Six Feet Under
The Returned (French Version)
The West Wing (The Sorkin Seasons)

Like I said, this is an ongoing and “living list.”  I’ll be adding my thoughts on some shows and adding a few I might’ve forgotten.
Questions, discussions, need some info? Put it in the comments.

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