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Suicide Squad

God no!

Suicide Squad

Kinda floored at how bad this movie is. I haven’t legitimately sat in a movie wondering “wtf is going on?” from beginning to end in years. The visuals were cool, then they weren’t. I can’t understand crap green screen in tent pole releases. It baffles me.

Killer Croc was just a big ol clump of stereotype down to his obsession with BET and big booty hoes.

I love Margot Robbie, and I think she has the chops to do a decent Harley. I’m on the fence about her performance. There was something missing. A cheery version of her “Wolf of Wall Street” character would’ve been just fine.

I know he’s stepping in the shoes of giants (Romero, Nicholson, Hamill, and Ledger), but I was really rooting for Jared Leto and his take on The Joker. It totally fell flat. Joker is about mischief and generally not giving a fuck, in the most sadistic sense. His total disregard for anything outside of himself, including his own henchmen, wasn’t here. That “he made the character his own” crap won’t fly

Viola did her thing, and I appreciate the way she brought Waller to the big screen.

Jesse Hernandez and Will Smith were decent, but unfortunately the rest of the crap going on in the flick drowned out the emotional crux their stories were “supposed” to bring to the film. Even worst, the film was dragged down to EMO depths because of the emotional crux their stories brought to the film. I’m talking boring emo super villain group therapy session depths

It seems like they were trying to respond to the biggest ongoing complaint about the Marvel films, the lack of depth in the villains. In this case, the execution was just BAD.

Imagine all the gripes people had about that movie Sucker Punch, down to character moments suddenly being turned in to music videos. Now stuff that in to a comic book film, and you have Suicide Squad.

Is it a fun flick… Ummm, yes?

Better than BvS… I guess

Add anything interesting to the DCU?…Ummm, no?

*BONUS: Every time the Enchantress shows up, her name is whispered and it reminded me of those bad “call now” commercials where the sexy voiceover whispers the name of the product throughout the whole commercial. It annoyed the f*vk out of me.

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